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Sizing Up the Situation

Before the delivery of IT services can begin, PCR Technicians will first conduct a thorough assessment of your technology infrastructure and environment. Typically, business leaders seek a Managed Services provider during a time of crisis, so from this standpoint it’s in everyone’s best interest to first identify areas of importance and levels of critical performance. Why is this so important? The Managed Services model of IT delivery is structured so that the provider is serving multiple businesses on a 24/7 basis at performance levels that are guaranteed by an SLA. It’s a finely tuned, predictable machine. Your systems are attached to ongoing business processes, and downtime in any of your IT components can cause gaps in actual business performance. To ensure a seamless transition from internal management to external management, PCR will need to understand exactly what tools and technologies are deployed in your environment; which business processes they support; and how every moving part interacts with the rest of the IT infrastructure.

As a best practice, PCR will initially isolate your IT operations environment from that of other customers and assess the true state of your operations in order to arrive at an accurate performance benchmark. During this part of the process, the SLA is not in effect, however, the benefits of getting an accurate picture of your operation will speed up the entire process and get you on track with an SLA and top-notch services.
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