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Content Filtering

Content Filtering is a great way to cut down on unecessary, non-work related online activities by employees that not only cut down productivity, but could also jeopordize network safety and integrity. More than 30% of small to medium sized businesses are infected by malware that originates from social networking sites. Compounded by the fact that people are ten times more likeley to click on a malicious link from one of these sites rather than a link in an email, has cost millions.
Content Filtering can be done with two different approaches; by either ‘blacklisting’ certain sites or even entire categories (social networking, gambling, porn, ect.), or by ‘whitelisting’ only certain websites and blacklisting everything else. Either way will reduce the risk of a virus or other malware from entering the network and infecting a PC.

PCR Technicians can set up a solution that will help keep employees focused and your network safe. Give us a call to see which approach is best for you.

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