Look for It


Malware is a general name for all forms of malicious software including; viruses, spyware, trojan horses, worms, scareware, adware and other types of unwanted software. And there are just as many ways to transfer these types of nuisances as well. They can enter a network and infect a PC via an email link or attatchment, from a site on the internet, or even with a USB thumb drive. A must have first line of defence against this type of software is a properly configured firewall. But that’s not the only protection available for these types of threats. There are a number of Anti-Malware programs on the market including Antivirus programs from Symantec and McAfee as well as others. These programs work in two ways; they can scan all incoming traffic, whether it’s from an email or browsing the web, and they can scan the host PC for any installed malware programs or devices that interface directly such as flash drives and other USB devices.

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